Web solutions


Regardless of your marketing goals to improve your business you need to take advantage of web design services and internet networks.   BCoolsite is offering you a complete solution for Internet presentation.

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Software solutions


BCool IT delivers complete software solutions for optimal, productive and efficient operations which can be adapted to your needs and requirements. Years of experience, and a team of experts represent a guarantee and quality of our work and technical support.

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Need to get something done? We provide outsourcing services for almost all types of needs, and in this regard we help our customers to achieve better productivity in these areas.

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Mobile applications


We provide creative, flexible and comprehensive development of mobile application that makes your job easier and increases the profitability and success of your business.

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Our main goal

BCool IT doo is a software development company whose main goal is to deliver exceptional and high quality software solutions, ensuring that we exceed our clients’ demands. Our services are available to small and medium-sized companies all around the world. We strive to present workable and adaptable software solutions that can be easily maintained, providing the workforce of the clients’ companies with efficient software solution.