Our team


Product and sales manager for over 10 years. Working in both sales department and on development of a CMS system for creating custom websites and web shops. Exceptional in cooperation and delivering high quality experiences for clients. Providing technical support when needed and enriching the company’s portfolio with each satisfied customer.


Full-stack software developer, currently in the final year of the studies, looking forward to masters degree in the following year. Highly energetic and teamwork oriented person, who loves meeting and connecting with people from all over the world. Passionate about working on the backend, as well as the frontend. Hobbies like skiing and combat sports make Svetozar a competitive and tenacious person.


Software engineering student eager to improve programming and
teamwork skills as well as overall knowledge about software
development. Mainly interested in full-stack engineering. Multiple team projects throughout the last four years. Committed and hard-working.


Worked as System Integrator and DevOps in Digital Television (working on different android boxes) for 3 years and later moved on to just DevOps. Loves learning new technologies, spending his free time playing with different electronics, mod consoles, and learning about electronics repairing.


Software developer since 2018. Skilled in C++, Qt, QML and Python. Mostly worked on cross-platform development, and passionate about constant improvement and innovation. In his spare time he likes to enjoy, as well as create music.


Full stack software developer with over 9 years of experience. Former student of Software Information Technology at the University of Szeged, Hungary. Was involved in the optimization in fully distributed systems stream of the futurICT.hu project. Always willing to communicate his research ideas and always eager to help and give useful technical suggestions.


QA Software Engineer since 2015. Worked in gaming industry, modular projects and done front- and backend testing. Able to adapt to various situations and excellent in communication. Highly motivated and eager to learn new things. Mostly done manual testing. Skilled in using JIRA, Mantis, Test Link, Postman, Unity, Microsoft Office, GitHub, Jenkins, and hold some basic knowledge about C#, HTML, Selenium.


Msc. student of Computer Sciences at the Faculty of sciences in Novi Sad. Focused primarily on perfecting his frontend development skills and interested in learning to work with new technologies. Thorough, invested, paying attention to details in every aspect of his work. Enjoys sports in his free time.


Graphic and UI designer with a background in business consulting. 5+ years experience with design software, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, etc. Skilled in all areas of graphic and web design, such as: UI design, Mobile app design, Web application design, Web graphics (banners/icons), Brochure Design, Business Cards, Logo Design, etc.