Our references

SOL Smart Home

Prototype software development, bluetooth communication
applications, backend.

iOS App



Android | iOS | Microchip PIC | C | Assembler | Node.js


Bike sharing and digital signage development

Participation on development and integration of a complete Bike sharing
service software stack. Covering database, backend services, embedded
software development, communication protocol stack, client


MSSQL | MongoDB | C | C++ | Microchip PIC | ARM Linux
QT | QML | Apache Thrift



Online school platform

Training administration portal integrated with Moodle. Custom Moodle module development.

Moodle | PHP | Symfony | MySQL | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | AJAX | jQuery


Fax and VoIP solutions, printer driver - Opennetworks

Standalone fax server and online faxing product stack development.
Virtual printer driver for windows to support faxing. Custom Asterisk
module development.

C | C++ | Windows DDK | PHP | MySQL | HTML | CSS | AJAX | jQuery
Dialogic | Aculab